It Begins.

11 04 2009

Cupcakes Against Fascism

The Morristown 3 were arrested on July 28th, 2007, at a counter-protest of a racist anti-immigrant rally called by none other than Morristown’s mayor, Donald Cresitello. Cresitello wants to allow Morristown police officers to check into the immigration status of anyone pulled over for a traffic infraction or minor crime. While the mayor enjoyed the support of racists and white supremacists like the international “Stormfront” network, anti-racists and other allies showed up in support of those targeted by the mayor and his white power friends.

Cupcakes Against Fascism was organized to not only defray the legal costs for the Morristown 3, but to build a warchest for U.S. Antifa facing repression by the state.

Our tools:
Whatever we find in the street, on our belt, or in our pocket
Hand mixers
Silk screens

Our tactics:
Street fighting
Sweet-tooth exploitation
Material support

Our goal:
Continued growth of U.S.-based Antifa movements
The end of the state, capital, and all its oppressive forms




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